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Today’s world, order book of companies is increasing exponentially, as the expertise in deliverying the particular field has increase manifold. In this article, we will explore, such companies who have establish their footprints in global world.

One such company is, NBCC (India) Limited, formerly known as National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited, is a Navratna Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) under the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India.

NBCC’s Business Model:

NBCC operates under three main business segments:

  1. Project Management Consultancy (PMC): NBCC provides project management consultancy services to government and private clients across various sectors, including infrastructure, power, and housing.
  2. Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC): NBCC undertakes EPC contracts for a wide range of projects, including civil construction, building construction, and infrastructure development.
  3. Real Estate Development: NBCC develops and sells residential and commercial properties in India.

Recently, Company won a order value worth Rs.45,000 Crore. The company share price trading at Rs.79.80 on NSE. While the Market Cap of company is Rs.14,600 Crore.

The shareholding pattern of the company is as follows:











Another share in this category is 

RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited)

RVNL is a public sector undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

Let’s understand the business model RVNL’s business model:

It is responsible for the execution of the Indian Railway’s infrastructure projects, including New Railway lines and gauge conversions, Electrification of existing lines, Construction of bridges, tunnels, and other railway infrastructure, Development of Railway stations and terminals and modernization projects.

  • Project Management: RVNL acts as a project manager for the Indian Railways, overseeing the entire project lifecycle from planning to execution.
  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC): RVNL can also undertake EPC contracts for railway projects, where it is responsible for the design, engineering, procurement of materials, and construction of the project.

Recently, Company won a order value worth Rs.52,000 Crore. The company share price trading at Rs.178.80 on NSE. While the Market Cap of company is Rs.35466 Crore.

You will be glad to know that the share price of RVNL on 17 December 2023 was Rs.34.30 on NSE. This price skyrockketed to Rs.178 as on 12 December 2023. 

Recently, RVNL joint venture secures a Rs 543 crore contract for designing and constructing elevated metro stations. RVNL stock soars 4% on 12 December 2023, nearing a record high. RVNL has soared 150% rally in the year 2023.

PNC Infratech

  • PNC Infratech is a leading Indian infrastructure company engaged in construction, development, and operation of infrastructure projects across various sectors. The company undertakes projects through various models, including engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), build-operate-transfer (BOT), and hybrid annuity.
  • Its core business segments include:
    • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction): Provides construction services for various infrastructure projects.
    • Infrastructure Development:  Develops and operates infrastructure assets including roads, bridges, and water treatment plants.
    • Water & Waste Management: Offers solutions for water & wastewater treatment, and solid waste management.
    • Renewable Energy: Develops and operates solar and wind power projects.
Date Event Share Price (INR)
2007-06-28 Incorporation of the company N/A
2010-03-30 Commencement of commercial operations N/A
2012-03-31 Initial public offering (IPO) ₹44-₹46
2014 Launches EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) business N/A
2015 Enters the infrastructure development business N/A
2016 Forays into the water and waste management sector N/A
2017 Secures major contracts in the railways and roads sectors 30
2018 Expands EPC services to include ports and airports 70
2019 Diversifies into renewable energy 120
2020 COVID-19 pandemic impacts business, but order book remains strong 150
2021 Recovers from pandemic, strong growth in EPC and infrastructure development 200
2022 Share price reaches all-time high of ₹253 253
2023 Current share price as of 12-Dec-2023 329

As seen above, PNC Infratech’s share price has shown significant growth over the years, with an IPO at Rs.44-Rs.46 price band in 2012 and reaching an all-time high of Rs.329 in 2023.

The company has Market valuation of Rs.8900 Crore and Order Book of Rs.19000 Crore.

The shareholding pattern is as follows:



Inception: IRCON was established in 1976 by the Government of India as a specialized entity for infrastructure development.

International Projects: Over the years, IRCON has successfully completed numerous international projects, establishing its reputation as a reliable and capable infrastructure company beyond India’s borders.

IPO: In 2018, IRCON went public and had its Initial Public Offering (IPO), allowing the public to invest in the company’s shares.

Key Projects: The company has been involved in significant projects like the construction of the Delhi Metro, various railway line projects, and multiple infrastructure developments across India.

Technological Advancements: IRCON has constantly embraced technological advancements in its projects, integrating modern construction techniques and innovative methodologies for better efficiency and quality in project execution.

Date Share Price (INR)
2014-01-01 44
2015-01-01 52
2016-01-01 48
2017-01-01 62
2018-01-01 70
2019-01-01 122
2020-01-01 108
2021-01-01 145
2022-01-01 180
2023-01-01 142
2023-12-01 170.3

The company orderbook is Rs.32000 Crore, while Market cap is Rs.5119.

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